Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Put My Money Where My Mouth Is

I recently put my money where my mouth is by taking an eight-week code immersion course taught by the folks at Tech Talent South. I can now write software code to create web applications, albeit rudimentary applications. 

I took the course to improve my career given that over a year ago I lost my position as an equity analyst due to a RIF (reduction in force) at the firm for which I worked at that time.  The cutback came as no surprise given that I went to management two years prior offering to help discover new means leveraging technology to increase overall revenue and they essentially said, "thanks, but no thanks." Oh well.  I gave it my best.

I highly encourage you to learn new skills that leverage technology or you may soon find yourself unemployed like I did.  Separately should we not offer software-coding classes to our children in school as early as kindergarten similar to other language classes we may encourage?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Grasping at Straws

I have been remiss in not commenting in this forum the legal battles surrounding the most recent decennial redistricting, which remain ongoing after four plus years. On December 6, 2011 I was quoted by the Tampa Bay Times as saying “I would say [the Senate redistricting committee] did not listen to the voters and I’m quite displeased. If anything, [US Congressional District 5, formerly 3] looks more gerrymandered than before. 

Arguably, the League of Women Voters (LoWV) has taken the lead to hold the Senate redistricting committee accountable.  As a result of the LoWV’s tireless efforts, the FL Supreme Court recently stated the maps most be withdrawn to follow the letter of law as it pertains to the Fair District Amendments that were overwhelmingly passed by Florida voters in 2010. Why the FL Supreme Court did not make this ruling the first time is unknown to me, but now that the maps are being redrawn once again to meet the law, Corrine Brown, not surprisingly, disapproves. Last week she filed a Federal lawsuit claiming that the potentially new district violates the 1965 Voting Rights Act; however, today she withdrew from the lawsuit, but I suspect she may eventually rejoin the lawsuit or file a new once once the new maps are approved.

What Ms. Brown ignores or just does not know is that voters in her district (at least per my analysis in 2012 of Duval County voting records) voted in favor and essentially in-line with all other voters for the Fair District Amendments; there was only a 15 bps (0.0015) difference. In others words, her constituents do not want gerrymandering either.

If she focused on the issues pertinent to voters then she would have nothing to worry about because I think the election of Barack Obama to two terms indicates that most people look past one’s skin color (even if Barack Obama may openly disagree) to focus on their qualifications and ability to resolve issues using critical thinking skills. Ms. Brown has been very fortunate the past two decades for not having more competition, but I believe that may change once the district she represents is redrawn.