Monday, October 20, 2014

It's Hard to Participate, I Know All to Well (Post 9 of a Series of Posts)

The following is my ninth post in a series of posts that shows my letter to those members of Congress who voted for ACA.  If you have not read the first post then I encourage you to do so by clicking here and then reading each successive post until you arrive at this one.

The following portion of the letter asks the reader questions to help lead them to conclude that they benefit from the economic principles I just described:

You Currently Benefit From These Economic Concepts

You may not know it or if you do, you may not openly acknowledge it, but you benefit from these concepts.  For instance, take your mobile phone, your tablet, your automobile even your under garments, you do not have just three types available, a bronze, silver or gold version for each; there are multitudes.  If you had only three types that were highly regulated do you think the products would be as functional at the price you acquired any of them?  I would argue not. Then why are there three types of insurance plans? Why do we need health insurance for routine check ups?  Do we use our car insurance for an oil change or homeowners insurance to replace our stove? Yet we expect our health insurance to do the equivalent of that. Insurance is a tool to transfer risk; it should be based on personal preference and tailored like under garments to meet personal demands. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Let's Focus On Providing A Solution

Are you tired of hearing about what's wrong with black/white relations?  Are you tired of hearing about what's wrong with the democrats and republicans? I am.

I ask because:

  1. Last night I hear on Mark Levin's radio show about the purported racism that supposedly led to a Liberian man's death in Dallas, TX from Ebola virus;
  2. I wake to read a headline that a white policeman shoots and kills another black man in St. Louis; and
  3. I was told during lunch of a political satire by Jon Stewart that poked fun at Republicans as it pertained to Ebola and obesity. 

I am frustrated from all of this because these types of discussions help perpetuate the division amongst us.  Frankly, we have too many issues that requires us to work together not against each other.

Instead of blaming racism as a contributor to the Liberian's death, how about we use it as an opportunity to promote honesty as the best policy.  Just think, if the man were truthful and instead of telling lies then he may have received treatment sooner, whether in America or in Africa, that may have led to saving his life. We will never know.  Sadly for the man, he will not know.  Could the hospital done more?  Sure, but the man should have been truthful and that is what we need to focus on because his lies caused a chain of events that led to one sad and tragic death and possibly could lead to others.

Instead of stating the color of the off-duty police officer and the man killed, how about simply stating that an off-duty police officer kills a teenager in St. Louis?  Again, racism is the central issue as promoted by this particular news organization.  Surely, racism cannot be the sole issue, the predominate issue or even an issue at all.  Purportedly, the youth shot and killed initially ran immediately upon seeing the officer.  If true then why did he run?  Some would say the police are not trustful.  However, if running does not arouse suspension in an officer then I doubt a blinking neon light would either. Is the policeman's duty to ignore such behavior or follow up on leads (such as this blinking neon light) that may indicate that a crime has been committed?  If he suspects that a crime has been committed then he must followup on that.  If not, then I believe he would be derelict in his duty.  Do we want our police officers running away from crime?  I do not.  However, does the officer need to shoot 17 times as it has been purported? Of course not.  The question then becomes who is at fault, which most likely can be answered after a thorough investigation, but this sad incident is not strictly about race.  This incident is more encompassing.  It starts with decision making based on values and should lead us to talking about how to help people (especially young men and especially those living in the inner city) from getting involved in crime vs. whether a person is black, white, yellow, green or any color.

Lastly, neither republicans or democrats are saints, but we need to encourage them to work together, to find something no matter how small on which they can agree.  From there, we help them build upon this collaboration to work on greater problems - because we have a lot.  The biggest is an anemic economy followed by declining wages with increased household debt, followed by the break down of the family, etc….

We need a better leader because I blame our President for the current divisiveness in our society.  He sets the tone.  The republicans may be a thorn in his side, but if he-were-truly-a-leader-then-he-could-overcome-their-objections and or vice versa.  He needs to lead us all, not just his base; however, we cannot control our President.  Fortunately though, we can control ourselves.

Do you want a better life, not just for yourself and your immediate love ones, but everybody?  I do.  If yes then let's work together. Let's find common ground, even if it is a size of a postage stamp.  We should base our decisions on natural law (the first one being that for every cause there is an effect).  I encourage us to tell the truth, first to ourself and then others.  I encourage us take responsibility for our successes as well as our failures.  I encourage us to do what is right even if it is hard.  Essentially, I am encouraging us to follow the Scout Law, which states that a scout is:

and Reverent.

You may snicker at it, but would not the world be a better place if followed more often than not?